Is your bid process costing you?

Discover the 5 Big Mistakes Bid Callers are Making

Hey, it's Sean Ciampaglia here.

- Co-founder of ContractComplete -

I’ve been the general manager for a large commercial landscape contractor for over 10 years. Over the years I’ve participated in over 600 bids, and interestingly enough, every client’s process is slightly different.

I've worked with countless contract administrators, and many of them have bid calling processes that are costing them big! The mistakes I discuss in this video result in huge embarassment and financial loss. The good news is that this pain can be easily avoided, and I made this video to show you how!

-Sean C.

Great experience, easy to keep track of contracts, programmers made changes based on our suggestions.

Matthew R. - Associate, senior landscape technologist
ContractComplete is easy to use and saves me hours of work.

Matthew M. - Landscape Architect
Efficient contract administration software that saves time from bidding to closeout.

Mark G. - Landscape Architect/Partner

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