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"Contract Complete has become a staple in our office for administering our contracts and has saved our firm time and money while helping to keep all stakeholders informed throughout the process. We have looked at numerous software packages that are very cumbersome and we find the simplicity of contract complete very refreshing! We will continue to utilize this great tool!"

Owner and Principal Landscape Architect
Adesso Design Inc.


"Cash flow is key for everyone and we began to feel uneasy when our previously impeccable turn around time on invoicing processing began to slip without borrowing time from some other part of our lives (family or sleep time are often the first to go).

The second major pain point resolved, is the ability to share the effort of preparing and processing payment. When the contractor and consultant are both using Contract Complete there is no duplication of effort into two systems. The bonus of this is that data entry errors are eliminated."

Chief Executive Officer
Aboud & Associates


"Prior to using ContractComplete, we were collecting PDF bids by email which were a nuisance to deal with. A lot of the bids would come back incomplete, which was a pain to level, plus transferring the results into our own spreadsheet took hours!

Now everything is automated so that bidders can't submit unless it's compliant and the bid review is done instantly, which saves me 4-6 hours per bid. The support has also been great, the staff at ContractComplete are always willing to help whenever I have an issue and my feedback is constantly being used to improve the product."

Reserves & Bidding Manager
The Falcon Group


"A big part of my job when tendering a project is comparing contractors' submitted bids to show the client. When receiving hardcopy bids it can take me a whole day to input each line item into a spreadsheet, and even then, it's easy to make a mistake.

With ContractComplete the spreadsheet is instantly created when the tender closes, saving me a whole day of work. I can then organize the spreadsheet to show high and low values, averages, and the lowest bid. Clients have given great feedback on these comparison spreadsheets."

Landscape Architect
Adesso Design Inc.


"As a contract administrator, the invoice review and Payment Certification process is very easy and fast. Changes can be made very fast and reissued for review. I also like the ability to track progress on the projects with the visual tracking bar"

Collin S.
Senior Landscape Technologist
Strybos Barron King


"The web based app helps me by giving me easy access to pricing in our contracts so I can stay within budget when procuring materials. The thing I like most about this software is that it is very easy to use and is displayed in a simple way."

Project Coordinator
Geoscape Contracting


"The mobile app is very handy in having quick access to all your contract documents (specifications, drawings etc.) at your finger tips. No need to sort through folders and files, all your documents are organized and labelled under each contract and available anywhere. Great feature for project mangers and superintendents."

General Manager
Torres Hardscapes

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