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This article covers the tendering process from the perspective of the stakeholder. If you are a bidder, you may wish to read the page covering bidding on a contract.

How it Works

The ContractComplete tendering process is designed to be as fair and flexible as possible. It allows stakeholders a basic level of transparency into the process, while at the same time not disclosing details of contractors' submissions before the deadline. For example, upon opening a contract, bidders are asked whether they intend on submitting a bid, and stakeholders will receive an email notification when the bidder makes their selection.

During the tendering process, the following steps will be completed by the contractor:

  • Completing unit prices in the tender form (and adding notes, if required)
  • Completing unit prices in provisional items
  • Uploading any documents requested by the stakeholders
  • Uploading any additional documents the bidder feels are relevant
  • Submit the bid and pay fees if required

Bidders will be given the option to download a checklist that enumerate these items.

Stakeholders may make changes to a contract at any time during the tendering process. A formal addendum process is provided for ensuring that bidders are made aware of these changes.

Starting the Tendering Process

Upon ensuring you have completed the necessary components detailed in the contract setup walkthrough, you may begin the tendering process. This is accomplished on the overview tab with the "Commence Bidding" button. However, please first ensure the deadline is correct - although the deadline may be changed during the tendering process. Upon starting the tendering process, all bidders will receive an email notification informing them that they have been invited to bid.

Additional bidders may be added after tendering has started, and those bidders will also receive email notifications.

Tendering is started using the "Commence Bidding" button on the overview tab.

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