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Submittals can be shop drawings, material data, samples, and product data. Submittals are required primarily for the architect and engineer to verify that the correct products will be installed on the project. This process also gives the architect and sub-consultants the opportunity to select colors, patterns, and types of material that were not chosen prior to completion of the drawings. This is not an occasion for the architect to select different materials than specified, but rather to clarify the selection within the quality level indicated in the specification and quantities shown on plans. By using submittals the primary stakeholder or a 3rd party subconsultant will be able to approve or reject the materials or products before they are used in the project.

Consultants (stakeholders) can create submittal requests, attach files and send the request for the contractor. Then contractor can create a separate submittal or a submittal attached to the received request. Contractor can add pdf files, upload and markup images then send the submittal for the stakeholders. Stakeholders can either "approve or reject" the submittal on their own, or send the submittal link to a 3rd party (a person who doesn't have a ContractComplete account) so that the third party can approve or reject the submittal. Consultants can also add pdf files and annotations. Consultants and contractor can see the tracked data and download submittals' pdf versions using the "Submittal History" button located on the top right side of each submittal. Submittals page is currently only available for Collaborative mode contracts in "In Progress" and "Completed" stages.

Submittals-Stakeholders' view
Submittals-Contractor's view

Submittal Request



  • Contractor can only delete draft and rejected submittals that are not attached to a submittal request.

  • In order to see which submittal is attached to which submittal request, click on the submittal or submittal request.

  • Stakeholders and Contractor can find the users' names and the time they have changed a submittal Status using the "Submittal History" button located in each Submittal. They can download the submittal pdf versions using the provided links on the Submittal History window at anytime.

  • If the contractor creates a submittal attached to the submittal request, the submittal request's status color will change based on the submittal status.

  • Stakeholders can delete submittal requests regardless of their status. Deleting a submittal request will automatically delete the attached submittal created by the contractor and all the work they have done on the submittal, so if you are a stakeholder make sure to communicate with the contractor before deleting a submittal request.

For detailed information about Submittals in each view click the links below:

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