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Awarding a Contract

This section deals with awarding a tendered contract to a bidder. If you are working with a contract that was not tendered, please see contractor selection.

In ContractComplete tenders close automatically, and typically less than a minute after the deadline. After the close, no further submissions will be accepted. After your tender is completed and you've had a chance to review the submissions you have a few options.

You may wish to divide and award the contract to more than one bidder. This is covered in our negotiations section.

If you are content with the submissions, and would like to award the contract without any pricing or scope changes, you can do so on the overview page in the bidder list for the appropriate bidder. Please see the screenshot below.

Award the contract on the overview page using corresponding button in the bidder list. This cannot be undone, so please ensure you are making the right selection.

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